24 Haziran 2008

The Last Airbender

Can you tell me a little about Avatar?

MN: We're doing it and I am looking at all the illustrations because we are deep into the design of the movie. Just such cool illustrations we are looking at right now from the production designer. We are well underway and we are going to start building sets in August and I am just really excited.

I wish I could put my finger on what it is like to say, "Oh, it's gonna be like Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings," but it's not really like that. It's its own thing. We have been striving to find the right balance between a fantasy world, and anchoring it in a reality you can't quite put your finger on, but you know it's real. It's not like you go, "Oh, that's Asia," but it would be anchored in that kind of thing.

Avatar is a 100-percent live-action film right?

MN: Yes, it's 100-percent live-action.

So, I am assuming there will probably be a lot of CG in it?

MN: Yes, there will be a lot. It's a big movie, but to serve a purpose. I don't know if you know the material at all, but they're very much extensions of what people are feeling, the CGI. The bending of the elements becomes a lot about their emotions and their ability to control an anamorphous thing and I love the psychological manifestation of that. It's like a Rorschach Test almost, that's something I can connect with and I'll be good at.

I'm not like the guys that are like Lucas and Spielberg, I don't think like that. But I do think in psychological terms and when I use the CGI that way, I get it. Because then I can tell the animator if it's coming out too slowly, or it needs to move to the right, or it needs to have a glow because she's feeling this and this is that moment. In that I feel more confident that I can make the CGI something that when you see it, like when you see two years from now and you see the trailer for The Last Airbender you will go, "Wow," because you instinctively know that there is depth and reality to that moment of CGI.


Bilmeyenler ve okumaya üşenenler için özetliyelim. Avatar'ın filmi yapılacak.

Yönetmen başta the sixth sense, signs, the village'ın da yönetmenliğini yapan M.Night Shyamalan.

Şu an için elimizde ne var bilgi babında? Setlerin inşaatının önümüzdeki iki ayda başlayacağı ve çok fazla CG kullanılacağı filmde... Heyecanlanmak için yeter de artar bile...


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